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Hi Lemoners,

We are in need of a seat back brace in Kershaw, South Carolina for this race weekend. We are hauling ass down I-95 and trying to figure out where we can get one. Can anyone help?!?! I bought one from the Lemons store but it didn't show up on time. sad

Any suggestions? Any ideas?

Re: Kershaw racers need a seat back brace - SOS

They aren't terrible to make yourself if it comes to that. Stop at a hope depot or similar and buy some metal. You need a tube with a spreader plate to go near the seat, then something to clamp to the harness bar and a way to attach the two. Should be able to find a welder at the track if you need one, or go all bolted.

Unsure if there's a speed shop near the track, not familiar with the area.

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Re: Kershaw racers need a seat back brace - SOS

Do you definitely need one?  Most cars seat back is close enough to the harness bar.