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Topic: 86 MR2 Snowspeeder 2ZZ swap SLC, Utah $2500

It's in running condition.  2ZZ from a Vibe GT.  Last run in 2018 at HPR.  Had some overheating issues, but didn't overheat if we capped the RPMs at 5000, so that's what we did.  I'm guessing head gasket? 

This car is legitimately fast (among Lemons cars).  It's finished top 5 in California races, and quite a few top 10s in California races.  It's also well sorted.  Veteran of at least 5 races (the previous version of this car was bashed into a hillside and the body/chassis was swapped out a few years ago.

Car comes with 6 Enkei RPF1 rims and a ton of spare parts, including a spare head that's been milled - hubs, axles, radiator, body parts...

Needs:  Seat, Harness, fire suppression. 
$2500 Text 385-252-8701

This image is of the old body/chassis, but it's roughly the same, only with white paint.

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Re: 86 MR2 Snowspeeder 2ZZ swap SLC, Utah $2500

New year, new car.  You need it!  Price negotiable.