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It’s time for this car to move to new owners so I can focus on the Valiant IOE winner.
What you are getting is a reliable, race proven car that has had over $1000 of maintenance parts installed by professional mechanics at the shop that originally campaigned it. They spent over $3000 on the cage alone. The cage was bent and welded in by Robinson Racing, a high end shop that works on a lot of “real” race cars.
I have a stack of receipts for all the parts including new struts and springs. Their shop also parted out another neon so it comes with a bunch of spares, an extra set of 15” factory alloys, radiator and fan, engine and 5 speed conversion. Because it was raced as a charity car with the intent of turning laps, the budget was never questioned. Neons have been a recommended Lemons car by Judge Phil, Rood etc....

The car has been a lot of fun for us, it’s nice to be able to drive the car instead of having to wrench on it.
Sails through tech
Wipers work
Has a title, I’d daily it if it still had the heater to defrost the windshield.
$3750   Delivery available
Everyone’s racing season is over, but you could extend yours: A day or so left to register for December’s Road Atlanta race, or you could sign up at the track.
I would support this car at the track and my shop is 15 miles away.
Check the tire pressures, add gas, turn key, enjoy
More pics from CMP, NOLA, Rd Atl and details:

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Dude!  I thought we were a team!? IOE Brotherhood and all that! Let's talk... ;-)

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Was thinking about this car the other day  Talked to you at CMP im in Dacula is it a 5 speed now?