Topic: '92 Acura Integras, Dallas TX, $2500

Two '92 Integras for a Lemons build. The yellow Integra was raced in SCCA and WRL. It has a 10 gallon fuel cell, no lights, Lexan windshield, and no wipers. It's not a great setup for endurance racing. I ran it for a single race with WRL as it is now. It's a fun car. Motor is healthy with stock rebuilt head and the suspension works great. Only issue we had was 4th gear started to pop out in right hand turns. We stopped racing that weekend before it did any more damage to the transmission. It's been parked since. The second car is a street legal unmodified survivor. I have a blue title for it. The interior had turned to chalk from UV damage over the past 28 years. So, I pulled out everything except the front seats and dash. It still has blower, heater core, ducts, and even AC. I have lots of spare parts too. Between these two cars you have everything you need to build a Lemons racer from mild to wild. You pick and choose how "cheaty" you want to go. I had planned to pull the hot-rod parts out of the race car and build a weekend track car out of the street car. But life got busy and now I'm moving very soon. So, come get all this stuff and assemble yourself a fun competitive Lemons racecar. This is priced to sell and I'm not taking all this stuff with me when I move, so don't dilly-dally on this one. … p_offset=0

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