Topic: Buttonwillow Open Seat

We are a new team.  We race a 1990 Ranger with a 5 speed.  It has previously raced in other Lemons events (including 25 hours of Thunderhill).  It is being re-costumed currently.  We are in the East Bay of SF(San Leandro).

We are a fun group in our 30s.  We're planning on setting up camp on Thursday.  If you are interested, please shoot me a note below or by using the email feature.  Please include CYBERFUKD in the title.  Tell us why we should pick you.  Factors that will help you be chosen:

-You're there to have fun.  You bet your ass we're trying to do as well as possible, this is a race after all.   But if you turn into a dick because someone is 30 seconds off your pace, you won't be invited back.

-You have something to contribute off the track.  Wrenches to the front of the line.  Also needed is RV owners, trailer owners(SF Bay area), driving instructors, cooks, etc.

-Will pay in full before the race.  Your responsibility is consumables plus 1/4th the fees.  No rental charge.

-You'll help with your share of setup, teardown, and other misc tasks. 

-You've got your own safety gear (we can share a HANS if needed).

-You have substantial track experience with a manual transmission.  You should also understand the driving style needed for an endurance event.  Yes, we will have a laptime floor you are expected to stay above on Saturday.  This is a 90's ranger and we want to see the checkers.