Topic: Michigan Oct 10/11 Drivers wanted VW knowledge a plus

We are Caddy Daddy Racing out of Denver CO.  We just completed the 24 hours race at high planes last weekend in 5th in class C and 28 of 59 overall.  We are running a 81 VW rabbit diesel pickup truck.  It's a blast to drive.  It was turbo charged for the first 7 hours (battling for second)....but we blew the turbo, swapped it back to NA and still drove another 500+ miles to finish.

You can contact me directly for cost of racing.  I own 2 full sets of gear so if you are the same size as me the cost is pretty darn cheap. 

It would be a huge bonus if you are a early water cooled VW person and have a good set of tools.  I am looking to not have to travel with a massive repair setup or a ton of spare parts.

We are registered for the race but need 2 or 3 midwest people to make the drive worth it cost wise for us.

720-484-1771 you can text me if you want.  Racing ain't free and neither is the seat in the truck...plan on about $500-$700 for about 4 hours of seat time.  That is assuming again that you fit my suits and helmets.