Topic: SONOMA 1 driver spot available

Caddy Daddy is looking for a driver.  We have a 81 VW rabbit pickup 1.6 Turbo diesel.  We finished the last 2 Lemons races we did this year.  It's $700 for the seat.  We only have 3 drivers so it should be 4+ hours of seat time.  Contact me direct for details.  Truck is stick shift.



Re: SONOMA 1 driver spot available

Pitted next to these guys at gingerman. Can vouch for their overall "being nice guys" and the reliability of that diesel engine.

1992 Suzuki Cappuccino: way too small to ever fit safety equipment for Lemons...
1980 Dodge Challenger: Most Extreme eLemonAtion Challenger... Don't, get, eliminated...

Re: SONOMA 1 driver spot available

Team is full....maybe we build more Lemons rabbits...thanks for all the interest!