Topic: Truckers assemble (if you race a truck look here)

There seems to be a good influx of trucks in the series in recent years.  Anyone interested in having a truck rally at a race in 2021?  I love watching the old SCCA RaceTruck Challenge series and would love to see a field filled with as many trucks as we can.  I'm located in the central states, so naturally I am partial to a Midwest race. 

The Autobahn race in August seems like a good target.  If you are interested, post below with recommendations for a race to roll our convoy of trucks through.

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Re: Truckers assemble (if you race a truck look here)

I'm a heavy haul trucker and use my 4 axle Kenworth to tow our Lemons car. Does that count?  No they won't let me bring mine on track, it's almost 29,000 lbs