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I'm finding myself in a bit of a quandary.  I'm a rally newbie who has yet to actually run my first rally, and I've already had two aborted attempts at getting myself and my car entered in last year's RFM and Fall Failage Tour.  Had to skip RFM because I still needed to do major drivetrain work to my car, and had to skip Fall Failage for lack of funding.  Now I believe I'm ready to tackle this year's RFM, but so far I have no co-driver.  I know it's not advisable to do a rally solo, but is it possible?  If I end up having no takers for 2nd seat, then I suppose I can just bag this year's RFM as well, and shoot for the Rust Belt Ramble.  That one will be more challenging for me to schedule time off of work, but not impossible.  I guess what I'm really asking is this:  Is anyone else out there looking for a teammate?  I can ride or drive.  I have a 2003 Subaru Baja with over 300K on the body but she's ready to go.  If anyone is rally curious but doesn't have a car, shoot me an email at, or reply here.  Looking very forward to making SOMETHING happen this year.  I've been wanting to do this ever since Freiburger and Finnegan did the RFM themselves.

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puttcharlie wrote:

I know it's not advisable to do a rally solo, but is it possible?

It's possible. I ran the inaugural Hell on Wheels rally solo after my first vehicle broke down in Oregon on my way from Seattle to California. By the time I got back to Seattle and set out again in another vehicle, I had to drive nonstop to Fallon, NV, in order to catch up with the rally for the start of the second day (out of five, as it was one of the longer rallies), which meant I couldn't pick up my intended co-driver from the Santa Cruz area.

For the next rally my nephew was my co-driver. From experience, it's much better to have at least one co-driver.

puttcharlie wrote:

I guess what I'm really asking is this:  Is anyone else out there looking for a teammate?

That is indeed the more compelling question. It's fun either way, but if you can find a teammate, even one who can't or won't help with the driving, it's generally a better time all around.

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I did the 19 and 20 California rallys solo. Won both of them also....which probably has more to do with the really bad cars I was able to find, but I think going solo gives you a few extra starting points, because it's a really stupid thing to do.

But I also had the benefit of traveling with another car, which was a spontaneous meet up in 19. He had a navigator, which is really helpful. If your car is decent, you might have time to do your own planning  the night before, and maybe even have time to figure out where you are and where to go while you're driving.

All in all, it doesn't really matter if you're solo or have a copilot, you'll probably be able to finish the rally. Tag along with another car, either way, it makes it extra fun.

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I appreciate the replies.  While I am still hyped to get into rallying, I talked it over with my girlfriend and one of my buddies, and it looks like I'm going to skip RFM this year and aim for the Rust Belt Ramble.  That'll give me time to either get my buddy's Foxbody Mustang in good working order, or find some other domestic shitbox to buy and get ready.  But RFM is always on my short list, since it starts out an hour from my house.

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I Drove the Route 66 solo in 2018 in a Miata. Big problem is not having someone not driving to post the spots. It doesn't seem like a lot of time, but it adds up. Especially Missouri, I had to just give up around 1AM entering Kansas and haul it to the hotel in Tulsa. If you're crazy like me and 400 miles a day doesn't even bother you (two diffrent driving jobs in the past) it's easy.

I'll also be dong the Rustbelt this year.

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