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Curious who is running the Sebring Test day. Never been and would like some laps in a car of some sort. Curious if there would be some sort of hpde laps or just open testing for Lemons. Could bring the street car down.

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Guessing that the track only wants lemons-type cars on the track for practice day due to their safety requirements.

I've seen mixed sessions of HPDE and Lemons practice as well; But all the HDPE drivers were track club members and had experience on the track already (not arrive-and-drive without previous training).

Some tracks (CMP had this), do allow a low speed tour session (EG half an hour), with a 55mph limit.

I believe practice days are normally run by the tracks themselves, so you might be able to contact sebring and ask this.

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Yeah Barber had a mix of Hpde/Race cars. It was just and open track day for four hours and four hours. I have enough experience that I could bring the TT car. But worst case I will just run the Lemons miata. Just want some seat time on the track.