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Topic: Race ready Duster + $5000 obo + Kansas City

Looking to sell our race ready 1994 Sundance Duster. Completed 3 races in this beast, and lost IOE by 1 lap in CO when we ran out of gas on the last lap. Full tech approved cage, fire suppression, racing seat, cutoff switch, etc. Car is a 5 speed manual with a 3.0 Liter Mitsubishi v6. Mods completed on the car: rear disc brakes from PT cruiser GT, larger cams from a Montero, heads were skimmed, larger throttle body from a caravan, ported intake manifold, high flow cold air intake, larger radiator from s10, radiator ducting, hood vents, strut bar, stripped interior (for weight and fire reductions), unrestricted exhaust with side exit, tons of maintenance items, second set of wheels with all weather tires we use for practice or rain.

In the last race the Duster completed 270 laps at Gingerman in October, and raced for 12.5 of the 14.5 hours. We had 1 front caliper start to stick a little bit so it over heated a set of pads at the end of day 1 causing a small off track excursion and a brake job. Would recommend that the caliper be replaced, but we finished the race with it just fine after replacing pads.

Car is guaranteed Class C, has decent power, and is very light. We have done a lot of maintenance and gotten the car better each race. A guy on our team bought a caged IS300 so we are moving to a new car and new series and I can only store one racecar.

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I am not sure of pricing for race prepped cars (outside of e30s and Miatas) so I am happy to discuss. Email me at AEVMR2@MST.EDU and I can provide pictures and discuss details further.