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Started building a car for Pittrace last winter then covid. Was hoping to make it this year, but the rest of team has lost interest, so I'm looking for a new one. I've got a running 2005 Mini Cooper S. All (I think) the mechanical work is done to have it running well enough to start a race, finishing obviously is another matter. Tubing for the cage is bent and ready to install. Fire suppression is purchased and ready to go in. Looking for a few new friends to finish this thing off and hit a few of the east coast races, Pittsburgh, NJMP and Champ @ VIR are the likely candidates. Particularly helpful friends will have more substantial garage than me space and a tow vehicle that is not my wife's minivan. No experience necessary, but a few $$$ and decent amount motivation are. I'm also on the facebook Lemons page.

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Let me know if you are still looking for a driver.  I live near Leesburg in NoVa.  I  survived three previous Lemons events, two at NJMP and one at Thompson in Connecticut.

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Let me disappoint you!  I'm interested in running Lemons as a driver at some point, but probably not this year.  I'm waiting until I get my COVID vaccine. (I know; it's ironic that racing is safe enough for me but breathing isn't.)

I live in Maryland inside the beltway.  I'm a mediocre shadetree mechanic who can do basic maintenance and some repairs but I'm not rebuilding engines or transmissions. From my perspective, electrical systems are all haunted by demons. The good news is that I know my limitations and I won't promise more than I can deliver.

I have no wheel to wheel racing experience but I have a few HPDE events under my belt at least.

I'd love to help out with the team and at least spectate or pit crew at a race once it's safe.

Are you installing the cage yourself?

Good luck!

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Might be interested as a driver and part time mechanic.
Where are you located?

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sorry guys, missed the replies here. thought i was gonna get a notification.

@imacobradriver cool, anyone with some actual experience is a bonus

@eager beaver yeah, i'm not likely to be pulling any miracle engine swaps in the pit either, and no racing exp. except for a few trips down the drag strip and a couple autox events.

@jlboygenius i'm in burke, va.

pittsburgh is looking unlikely, still haven't gotten cage installed and most reasonably priced seats are not shipping for at least a couple weeks. hit me on facebook. i started a group chat for a few people that were interested from the facebook Lemons page.