Topic: Southern NJ --- Looking for 1-2 teamates

The car is a 94 Ford Escort GT, built from the ground up running a BP 1.8L, 5 speed.  Car was torn down to a bear shell and built all the way up to what it is today.  Looking for 1-2 teammates to add to a single person effort. 

Car has competed in ChampCar the last few years, passing tech without an issue.  It also won the 2019 Bracket GP, so the car can be consistent and is a blast to drive/  Obviously posting here I would be eager to take it to the East Coast Lemons races in addition to ChampCar events and other series as well.

Lookup Team 856 Racing on Facebook for pictures and background, along with a bunch of build photos.

Looking for people who want to work on the car on weekends and prep for Watkins Glen ChampCar event in May, and then determine further races after that race.

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