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Topic: Class C winning Nissan Axxes! With extras! Ready to race! $2400 OBO

Sputnik's #1 van will be for sale after Sebring.

No current belts, but comes with expired ones, a Kirkey seat, a fire bottle, a pile of spare parts that should be enough to last you a race or two, and a list of compatible parts that can/will bolt up. Can drive home on its own, in daytime.

It drives pretty good for a van. Could use adjustable/stiffer front shocks, but other than that, it's all settled and dialed. Stops well, goes well. It is based on an 89-94 Maxima chassis (so parts availability is better than you'd expect) and currently has a KA24DE twin-cam motor out of an Altima. Steering is with your forearms and the water pump is an electric BMW pump with an Arduino controller (can be wired to bypass the controller and just run full tilt).

Still has a stock 17-gallon fuel tank, so the rear cargo compartment is usable - as is the functional roof rack. You're getting a small cargo van AND a racecar, all in one! Comes with a clean title and you can have the tags for a few days if you need to keep it on the street, while you work things out.

3 sets of wheels, with race tires having various degrees of wear and age.

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Re: Class C winning Nissan Axxes! With extras! Ready to race! $2400 OBO

Damn. Tough crowd!

Will deliver between Florida and DC in a week. Make an offer! The damn car fits everything it needs and comes full of nifty racing know-how.

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