Topic: B5 A4 1.8T Quattro Manual 5 speed, $800 Fenton, MI

190k miles, the car is working normally, it's got a slow oil leak somewhere and doesn't love going into second gear in the winter, but otherwise drives really well and slides like a proper Quattro in the snow. The steering rack and brake lines were replaced last year along with the water pump and timing belt. There is a crack on the windshield and rust on the front fenders and rear driver's side door. I have the headliner off as I was in the process of changing the fabric on it when I decided to call it quits and get a newer car. I can put it back in before pick up but I suspect you'd prefer it off. It's a 2001 with the AWM engine, the ECU is very accessible and can be coded with any VAG-COM setup.

     Airbag warning light has come on so I can't ethically sell it to some teenager who'll daily it, and I don't want to scrap the car because it deserves better. If someone can have proper fun with it, I think that's a happy ending.

     The 1.8T is a Volkswagen engine, so it's solid and parts are cheap. With an emissions delete it'll perform decently, you might even see 200hp if you've got a laptop and a bit of tuning know-how. Quattro is always nice, the 60/40 torque split makes it handle great on the power, and the car is already decently light at 3100lb. It made 170hp and 166lb-ft new, I doubt it makes that now but it's geared aggressively, 5th gear tops out at 130 and I've hit 120 in the past, so the gear ratios are very sporty. 1st is a launch gear, but the car makes peak torque at 3500rpm so expect to spend most of the race in 2nd-3rd. I put a spacer behind the clutch pedal which makes it feel a LOT better when shifting by eliminating the dead travel at the bottom, I plan to keep the spacer as a memento but it's really easy and cheap to make another one with hand tools and I'll let you test-drive it with the spacer on.

     I would recommend replacing the front lower control arms before racing, they can be had decently cheap. I would also change the rear timing chain and tensioner, I've seen kits for about $60 online and can be done with just the valve cover off. With these two done and the oil leak found, I reckon the car will do really well for a sedan.

     I'll post pictures when I've had a chance to take some decent ones.

     Feel free to ask questions, I just want something to supplement my next down payment and a promise that my car is going somewhere fun.
     I still need the car for transportation until I get the next one, but that shouldn't take long and I'm happy to make a deal in advance (I do NOT want pay in advance, I'll just sell it to you normally whenever I'm ready, and if you want to state your interest early I'll hold it for you).

Re: B5 A4 1.8T Quattro Manual 5 speed, $800 Fenton, MI

Forgot to mention, the car has seen many road trips and would easily drive cross-country, it doesn't need to be trailered away, it's got a clean title and is sitting on decently fresh Continental DWS's. Everything works, except the windshield washer bottle won't fill all the way up and the airbag light occasionally comes on. I'm low-balling myself because I want someone to enjoy this thing as the little sports car I know it wishes it was, not to waste away in the road salt as a winter beater or to get scrapped.

Re: B5 A4 1.8T Quattro Manual 5 speed, $800 Fenton, MI

Can confirm that this is a decent B class platform, easy on tires and brakes. Our Passat has run two races on street pads with stock rotors, 1 set of tires per race. Decent headroom for taller drivers, although the door opening is surprisingly narrow for a car this size...

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Re: B5 A4 1.8T Quattro Manual 5 speed, $800 Fenton, MI

God I wish this thing was closer. Houston is a long haul from Michigan.