Topic: 1988 Fiero caged & stripped roller

1988 Fiero base coupe.  This was a spare chassis that came with another '88 Fiero race car I purchased.  Interior stripped, doors lightened, hood/decklid lightened, cage done.  Virtually rust free car that I was keeping to build as a second car when first was completed.  $600

Additional parts available and can be discussed (2.5L 4 cyl and 5 spd trans from another parts car, Kosei wheels, etc)

Car is in Columbus, OH

No pics yet, purchase of another race car means this chassis won't get built for some time and I could use the room!

Re: 1988 Fiero caged & stripped roller

Definitely interested, and sent a PM.  Let me know if it didn't go through.  This would be a nice shortcut for my 88 project.


Re: 1988 Fiero caged & stripped roller

PM's responded to.
I do have a second caged '88, previously raced as a GT in NASA, now rebodied as a notchback with an Ecotec swap partially complete that I MAY consider selling as well.

(A bigger/badder/faster car has come into my life leaving less time for these)