Topic: Anyone on Texas Rattletraps have something tow-rated in Alpine/Marfa?

My garbage son, the Dreaded Laramie, the VW 411 so terrible it didn't make either day's start, is still doing extremely poorly. It's running hot (IDK how to fix unless someone has some smaller carb jets or knows what else to look for) and the transaxle? is growling and whirring worse than before. It's a grindy hum on throttle that gets worse when hot, so after being expressly told not to die, I think possible diff failure while being the only idiot running this car is the final nope.

I limped it to a Love's in Sonora, and I really mean limped. It's not able to climb a steep hill at even half the speed limit without cylinder temps reaching over 400 F unless I back out completely. The hill out of town to the Love's to pick up the gear oil for my possible other issue (we forgot a wheel bearing seal in the tired "oh, this is broken" check) felt REALLY bad. There's a list.

Anyway, State Farm covered the tow AAA wouldn't to the rally hotel in Alpine (212 miles away from here, wow), which I'm okay with. The room's paid for, the tow's paid for, there are TWO UHaul places in town, other people who might know what the problem is are there, and whatever. Look at my sorta broken car-failson, I guess.

So, a question: Would anyone with tow capacity want to haul a VW around tomorrow?

And/or do any of y'all know weird aircooleds and want to look at a bearing/diff?

Re: Anyone on Texas Rattletraps have something tow-rated in Alpine/Marfa?

Update: I am here! Room 52, or ask the rally staff for my # if you want a large sad gutter child on a trailer.