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The Pacific Northwrecks Rally is less than a month away, so who's planning to be there and what are you running?

My Lemons-racing niece Andrea and I intend to take my 1976 Volvo 66 GL, but this will be the Volvo's fourth attempt at running a Lemons rally, so my optimism is somewhat tempered by the harsh reality of history:

2016 Hell on Wheels: Transmission failure in Oregon on the way to the start in California, culminating in a frantic, but successful, attempt to catch up for the start of day two in an International Harvester.

2017 Monterey Car Weeeeak: Still fighting transmission issues, resulting in the substitution of an Austin Allegro which broke down shortly before the finish line on the last day.

2018 Monterey Car Weeeeeak [yes, Lemons changed the spelling]: In a refreshing change of pace, completely unrelated transmission issues. Entry withdrawn.

2021 Pacific Northwrecks: We shall see...

1982 MG Metro 1300: IOE 2015 Pacific Northworst GP, Longest Distance 2010 Cd'L Box Wine Country Classic
1980 KV Mini 1: Worst of Show and Fright Pig Supremo 2009 Concours d'Lemons
1978 H Special: Second-Round Elimination 2010 Lemons Pinewood Derby at Sears Pointless
1967 SAAB 96: IOE 2012 Pacific Northworst GP

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Hope to make PNW Rally.
Taking an American Fibre Craft Aquila.
This will be Lemon's Rally #3 for me.
Did 2019 Hell on Wheels and 2020 Route 66.
Love the routes and the way points.
Hope to see you in the future.

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I was planning on taking my late grandparent's 273k mile 1996 Caprice Classic with LT1. But, since there are Swedish points to be had, I will be taking my 1998 Volvo V90 with an Explorer 5.0L swap. It has been pretty mediocre since I built it several years ago and has hardly had any miles put on it. I'm just putting a shift kit a new junkyard transmission for it which I will have swapped in this weekend if I'm exceptionally productive. And while I was looking around under the car I noticed that it has eaten the inside of the front tires, so I should figure that out too...

2017 Hell on Wheels - 1971 Opel Kadett Caravan
2020 Hell on Wheels - 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 Convertible
2021 Pacific Northwrecks - 1998 Volvo V90?
2021 Hell on Wheels - 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 LTD?

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Bad Dog Racing wrote:

Taking an American Fibre Craft Aquila.

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bttf is great....good luck!

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