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We are coming to CO for the 24hr race in Sep. Bringing same A class TT that we had at Sebring with fresh motor. Car will have 3 practice/tuning/setup track days on it before hand. So we know it’s condition is race ready this time.
Also getting in early so we can all get a few laps on practice day there.
We have 1-2 driver spots and open crew spots available.
Our focus with Lemons is family friendly fun team that races with good sportsmanship.
Drivers: Must have experience in a fast endurance car.  (We aren’t going to be the team to put others at risk)
Crew: Open to all

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Hey, I'm an experienced driver and would like to drive. We were at Sebring in a silver BMW E36 Convertible. I built the car, transported it from Houston to Sebring (20h). Race day I did the first driving stint. After the stint (2.5h), we were sustaining 5th place when I got out of the car. Filled it up and handed the keys to my teammate. Within 10 minutes my teammate went off track and pulled the exhaust off the bottom of the car shearing a header which pumped hot exhaust into the wiring harness, melting the coil wires together. I had 20h to think about all that towing it all home.

Would want to be a driver, and in a pinch, I can probably contribute in any area too (tuning, emergency welding, even showing up with breakfast). I would have to fly there for the race. PM me if you want more information and we can chat.

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I imagine you'll find success posting here but if you don't you might try the Colorado Lemons Mafia group on Facebook.  It's pretty active community.  Looking forward to seeing your awesome car in September!

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I am interested in joining your team.
I have track experience with Spec Miata sprint races and just ran my first Lemons event this weekend at Thunderhill with a 2 car team from SoCal. I set the fastest lap for the team in both of their cars and had no incidents.

I would really like to drive in a 24hr endurance. 20 years ago I helped out in the pits at LeMans, Spa and Daytona 24hr.

I live in Northern California near Sacramento so I would have to fly in for the Colorado race. I obviously can't really help with wrenching beforehand but happy to help with anything at the race.

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We are still looking for 1-2 driver and anyone that wants to help out.

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Hello, I'm interested in driving & crewing.

I live in Denver, have been driving at High Plains since 2012. Have done 4 Lemons races there, 3 of them in A class (Saab 9000 Turbo); 2 WRL races; numerous SCCA time trials, and a bunch of BMWCCA drivers schools.

I'm not a great wrench but can bring truck w/ tools, welder, etc. I am a steady, low-risk driver that knows that endurance racing is first and foremost about finishing. Have never done a full 24-hour race so would be stoked to join for this one! Hope to hear from you.

Scott S.

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Hi there,

I live in the northeast, i've been interested in running a full 24 for awhile. I run a class A team up here. I've run seven Lemons events. I'll send you  a message.

Jonathan M.

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All driver seats set for CO. Thanks to everyone that reached out.