Topic: Fastest racing 8speed colt

Fastest racing dual stick8 speed Dodge Colt in existence (only one I have found). In 80 or 81 SCCA created a GT4 class I think and someone built a Colt to compete. It is a real race car. Adjustable camber,accusump,brakebias,removable steering wheel,stainless steel brake lines, fuel cell and fire system.
     I am 73 and bought this to get my racing license back with RMVR. Did the school and raced it in 2019 and 2020, last raced at LaJunta Co in October of 2020. Upgraded this year to a 240z and had planned to run this in Lemons racing or possibly the rally cross here in Colorado, but one race car keeps me busy.
    Extra parts include a 1980 Colt with title ( take whole car or remove all parts you may need). 59000 mile engine with all parts to rebuild, and extra 8 speed transmission plus numerous other parts to convert to Lemons or rally cross or auto cross.
   This car is a hoot to drive. Is not fast but handles really good. Suspension is set up for almost zero handling and when really pushed the rear end will break loose, pretty good for front wheel drive. Is dependable and has a log book. Will deliver in Denver front range area, 100 miles or so. Thanks tom can be seen on Colorado craigslist