Topic: Newbie looking to shadow/join/intern a team around WNC


I've been following the Lemons for a little while now. I've done a good bit of research and am eager to start losing races, money, and time.

However before I strike out with my own team- I'd like to intern on an existing team. Are any teams running out of the Western North Carolina area? I'd also be willing to travel, I'd even go long distance as long it isn't every weekend.

I can fund my own travel and housing. I don't have a ton of mechanical experience, but I've got a little bit and a handful of tools I have lying around from wrenching on dirtbikes. And I'd be eager to learn more. I've got a pickup I can use to haul parts, trailers, or humans.

I'm happy to shadow any role- driver, mechanic, whatever. I just want to get a good idea of the logistics of the event, and be honest, have some fun. I'm happy to pitch in for some expenses too as long as things stay in some realm of reason.

Any bites!?