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Topic: Pit Crew

I'm working on putting a team together but I've never done a 24 hours of Lemons and but there's no way in hell I'll be ready for Buttonwillow in September. I'd like to join a team to work in the pits to learn the in's and out's. I've been involved in some circle track racing and I've been in auto repair all my life, so I wouldn't be a useless and I'd work my ass off. But if I'm not needed I'll just wander around aimlessly and soak up the heady atmosphere. I'd just much rather pay for a pit pass than a spectator pass.

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Re: Pit Crew

The beauty of Lemons is that you can wander around aimlessly and you will fit right in.Most of us do that anyway..... big_smile
There is no 'pit pass' as you would find at a 'normal' race.Anyone can wander the pits,and/or paddock.
Spectators are welcome to watch ,but if you are going to be working on/fueling/touching a car,you need to be either a driver or designated crew.If you are fueling a car,you need to have the same gear as a driver (suit,helmet,shoes,gloves,etc.)
Feel free to stop by garages 6-8...We are bringing 3-4 cars (I'm with Tim in the zebra striped liveries)

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Re: Pit Crew

^Ditto ... we'll have the multi-color "pinata miata" and would be happy to talk your head off if you wanna stop by. One thing I would mention is that during the race, most people are pretty scrambled trying to keep their heap alive so the best time to talk to people is friday or saturday evening for those who aren't fixing things.

I would be happy to offer a crew spot, but there's about a 50/50 chance we'll be at buttonwillow. We're running the 24 at HPR in a few weeks with a pre-baddened head gasket, and if the cars still alive we're gonna see if buttonwillow will kill it. If it's already dead, we probably won't have time to fix it by buttonwillow. We might go as spectators, however, if the car doesn't make it.

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