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Topic: Looking for Buttonwillow seat


I'm looking for a last-minute seat for the September Buttonwillow race.

I've done around a dozen Lemons/Chumpcars (all with no incidents) and have recently started club racing in NASA Spec 944. Im 44yo (with 14yo sense of humor), 5'10", 200lbs. No red mist. Good mechanical sympathy. Very comfortable around Buttonwillow.

Im not too worried about the car competitiveness, happy to just drive for fun. Very happy to pitch in with team duties. My wrenching knowledge is a bit limited but with a little direction I can do most jobs.

Happy to provide recent references.

Please PM me to get in touch! smile

Re: Looking for Buttonwillow seat

Sending PM now.

Captain of AFART Racing - 1987 and 1988 Toyota Supras
Captain of McDads/AFART Racing -1977 Lancia Scorpion (IOE Winner Sears Pointless 2021... wait, really?? YES, REALLY!!).
Captain of 42 Hours of MeLons (2013-14) - Vattenmelon Vagn 1984 Volvo 240, B-Class Winner: Arse-Freeze 2014