Topic: Ford Focus Race Ready $3500 Davenport, IA

For Sale - 2009 Ford Focus 5 Speed Manual

We just completed 24 Hours of Lemons with this car, and it ran great! OK, it’s a Focus, so it’s not very fast.  Ha Ha But we were able to drive for 3 1/2 hours minimum before needing fuel! The build was completed this year, and the car passed tech with no problems!  We were classed in Class C with zero penalty laps! Cage is new, belts are new, seat is new. Includes fire suppression system also. The drivetrain is stock except for an oil cooler and coolant temp gauge. It comes with 3 sets of wheels and tires, 2 sets with 200tw tires and a set of all seasons that we planned to use as rain tires if needed. It’s also includes some spare parts.

This would be basically a turn key car to enter a Lemons race! We had a blast and plan on building another car immediately. The car was great, but 2 of us are 6’4” and need a little more room to be comfortable. Here is a link to some pictures of the car.

Thanks for looking!

Re: Ford Focus Race Ready $3500 Davenport, IA

Car is sold and going to a good home!