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What’s the hot ticket for anchoring/attaching a lexan rear lift gate window? Pulling out the glass one and want to replace it with something lighter.

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For our last two cars we just used a series of camlock fasteners every foot or so across the back section of the lexan, we also used the factory latch and hinge to secure the front and rear of the hatch (Camaro/Corvette) so we could still open it.   We put a pair of metal strips down the middle of it to give it a bit more strength since it was a BIG lexan window in our case, and its required with some of the other series we race in.

We angled the support ,metal for visibility

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The rear window on the Alfine was custom, consequently the opening had no flanges to mount the Lexan to, so we had to improvise and weld tabs every 6" or so, and use SS fasteners and countersunk washers.  Probably overkill, but it works well. … G_0110.jpg


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It depends on how the windows normally mount. The Saturn was pretty easy. We just riveted the Lexan in place because there were good surfaces where we could drill a hole and send through a rivet. We only did the side windows and back hatch glass but there was plenty of metal to bite into to make it work.

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Do you want to be able to remove it? If so you will have to use some sort of hinge. Ours are heavy AF so we might use some hardware store units, the lexan will be bolted to the factory, gutted deck lid. The we will use hood pins to secure it. If you don't care about removal than use some window glue and rivets.

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These guys have good latches, which can sometimes be difficult to source:

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