Topic: 60 race veteran looking for Barber seat

I think I'm going to go to Barber this year. I need to find a seat. I am based in CA but looking to try a few new tracks this year. By the time Barber rolls around it will be Lemons race 61 for me. I also have some Lucky Dog and CHAUMP experience.
-I am pretty good about not getting black flags
-I haven't caused a contact since race #1and am pretty good at avoiding it.
-I don't usually break cars
-I have no mechanical ability at all, really. Sorry to say.
-People seem to think I am an agreeable sort. I think I am shy and a little weird.
-I will participate in themes if you got 'em.
-I am not usually the fastest person on the team but I am not the slowest. I usually take my time getting to know new cars and new tracks instead of going out and blasting past my comfort zone.
-I can drive a wide variety of cars. I have driven around 60 different cars in my ten years of Lemons, in all classes. FWD, RWD, AWD, front engine, rear engine, mid-engine, etc.
-My preference is IOE/Class C type stuff, especially if it is prepped well and likely to run most of the weekend. But I will drive anything. I may not be the best candidate if you are going for an overall win just because I do take my time in getting to know the car and track. But I can drive A class cars.
-I'd love to run with friends or friends of friends that I may already know, but willing to meet new people too.

My name is Neal.

Re: 60 race veteran looking for Barber seat

Wendell34 wrote:

I think I'm going to go to Barber this year. I need to find a seat. My name is Neal.

Fixed it for ya........

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