Topic: Peugeot 505 at Road Atlanta

Hey all,

This is French Dispatch Racing. We are currently heading to raid Atlanta in a Peugeot 505s with about 150k miles on it. It's the four banger petrol with a five speed. New tires, ball joint and tie rod for the passenger side, sway bar links, and distributor along with fluids and minor items were done to prepare for the rally.

We don't think we will have the space to take it back as we lost our storage location due to one of the team members moving to California.

You can scope some photos through our Instagram @frenchdispatch_lemons. If you want additional photos, we'll do our best to get them when we hit rally checkpoints.

If you're interested, let us know. Current price is 499.95 for the car and whatever minimal spares we have, but we can be flexible (especially if you already run a 505).