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Re: $3500 NASA first-gen RX7, SF CL

As much as rotaries make my ears bleed, this is a screaming deal if the cage is any good.

As for BS, I don't think I'd give it too much grief for Lemons duty, since Pro7/Spec7 was Spec Miata before there was Spec Miata. The carb, trans, and differential were all stock NA RX-7 stuff. Engines were supposed to be stock but almost certainly weren't, though they wouldn't have made so much power to stand out. Call it 120 HP/2400 pounds with a driver...basically a really loud Miata with less torque and worse fuel consumption.

If you're going to bring old club-racing cars to Lemons, pre-1990 levels of preparation are the way to go, provided the cage will pass tech (hardly a given). Rust Belt Racing's old '77 Celica with Red Dog Beer stickers is also a great example of this.

Eric Rood
Everything Bagel, 24 Hours of Lemons