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Topic: Team looking for driver EDIT seat is filled

Just when we thought everything was going the right direction, one of our guys bailed out. 

Here are the particulars;

Very stock 90 Miata.  Finished 15th overall at NCM.  Runs like a champ, ran twice last year and only spent a short time off track for anything not due to driver error and that was due to a improper brake part install.  You would be getting a fourth of the available seat time roughly.  Practice included Friday.  600 is the seat price.

This is not a high pressure team, have fun and run laps, stay on the track.  If you are wanting to run for a win, we probably aren't your team, this is not a cheaty fast car, just a reliable one.  We emphasize clean and consistent laps and stops.  Bonus: we also have a team chef

EDIT: seat filled, admin can delete if wanted

Re: Team looking for driver EDIT seat is filled

Email Sent!

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