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Topic: '56 Foldsmobile Lemons candidate


I was told I should share this car I'm selling here.
It's a 56 Oldsmobile sedan with the roof of a '59 Ford panel truck horribly grafted on. There is no drivetrain and the interior is gutted. I bought it for a few parts (front bumper, dashboard, some trim). I was asking $700 for the rest, but am willing to work with any buyer. I can even give you some of the bad parts I'm not using to make the car more complete.


Car is in RI, has no brakes but rolls/steers onto a trailer easily.


Car is on FB marketplace but I don't have enough history here to be able to post a link. EDIT: and after multiple tries can seem to get the img tags to work either.

Re: '56 Foldsmobile Lemons candidate

Found the add, I think it should let me post it:

https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/it … 8bbe9aae30

That is something you don't see everyday!  How's rust on the underside?

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The passenger compartment floors are solid aside from a couple small patches done by the PO that may or may not have been done right. There are some holes at the far back of the trunk area, and in the rear inner wheelwells. All in areas that should be easy to weld flat panels in. It has had the rockers replaced, but I don't think they were fully welded in.