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Topic: Race Ready* 1999 VW Jetta VR6 12v - $4000 - Milwaukee, WI

Raced in Lemons and Champcar races since 2019, 6 races total plus a few track days mixed in. Last raced October 2021 at Road America.

We're only selling as we've started a new build for this season.

Race Ready*
*Car will need a new exhaust header installed (new header included) and fire bottle refilled before being ready to race again (discharged when taking it out for the season). Harness will need to be replaced as it just expired this year, we will include the expired one (green takata harness in the photos). EDIT: Exhaust header & new radiator installed in April

- Brake rotors from an Audi TT larger front rotors and vented rear..
- Adjustable front camber plates and Audi TT front lower control arms. ~ -3degrees of front camber.
- Whiteline adjustable rear sway bar.
- United Motorsports Tune (immobilizer deleted and comfort convenience module removed)
- Cold air intake.
- Coil packs swapped to V6 mustang part. (easier to find and more durable than OEM coil packs)
- Shifter replaced with 2000+ design & Diesel Geek shift linkage.
- Two large plastic bins of miscellaneous spare parts.
- Spare transmission.
- South Bend endurance clutch & spare OEM clutch.
- 6 Enkei RPF1s with Falken Azenis RT615K+ tires. (Have another race left in them)
- Almost new Hawk HT10s.
- 5 lbs Fire Bottle System.
- Wired for cool shirt system mounted in trunk.
- Stock fuel system.
- Seat, roll bar padding, window net, etc are all included as well.
Asking $4,000

For a limited time we will even include a 2005 Compaq laptop (Running Windows 2000!) with VAG-COM & Dongle!


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Bumping for edit of new exhaust header & radiator installed

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