Topic: How is your car registered?

I'm assuming many of the heavily modded ones are PNO. Is that the case for most Lemons?

And what, if any, insurance do you have?

Re: How is your car registered?

All of mine have been street legal and registered -- the current two have collector plates.  I just carry liability insurance.

They are not "heavily" modified.  Both are relatively stock except for all the safety equipment.

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Re: How is your car registered?

Some are registered, but I bet most are not, and many have been purchased on just a bill of sale.  Lemons does not care about documentation status, they are a sanctuary organization for race cars.

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Re: How is your car registered?

I'm pretty sure my car has seen at least 4 owners through cash and handshake deals so the sky will turn orange before it ever gets registered and insured. I don't really think level of modification dictates whether or not it's registered.

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Re: How is your car registered?

Semi daily driven racecar here in Florida, I simply failed to mention anything more then "I want tags" when buying insurance and going to the tax collector.

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Re: How is your car registered?

I picked up my two-stroke '67 SAAB 96 in 2002 from the president of the local SAAB club who had dragged it home from a farmer's field before realizing that he didn't actually want it as a project. I got it running and used it as a daily driver for about a decade before turning it into a Lemons car all while continuing to use it as a daily driver. Heck, I drove it to (and from!) work today. It qualifies by age for collector plates but, given that I do use it far beyond my state's legal limits for those, it's on regular registration with the vanity plate 24H LEM.

It's got "normal" insurance, nothing collectible or otherwise special, with the usual mix of liability, personal injury, and uninsured/underinsured coverage. It's the same policy I've had on it from the beginning.

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Re: How is your car registered?

Ours is tagged as Historic in Maryland. No inspection and tags are 1/3rd the cost of normal, there are some driving restrictions, but it works for us. This allows us to test and tune the car w/o having to go to the track.

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Re: How is your car registered?

Ours is registered and insured, while not required it is nice being able to test drive it while we’re working on it.  Also on race weekends we drive it to gas station 5 min away to fill it up before sessions.  Registration and liability insurance for a 95 S10 costs approx 14 Rubles.

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Re: How is your car registered?

Ours is a class C car and is insured and registered. Being able to drive it and test it out for several hours on a road trip I find is very helpful. Plus, it just looks cool!


Re: How is your car registered?

Our car didn't have a title when purchased (I checked VIN to make sure it wasn't stolen- it wasn't), it just had a salvage title and didn't get transferred once sold from the auctioneers/etc. Anyways, we registered it in Vermont (you can register a vehicle without a title if it is 15 years or older with a bill of sale, even if you live out of state). That gave us plates allowing us to drive on road. Lemons aint care- it's just good for us to do some test shakedowns/etc (we've also driven it to and from a race before- That takes balls if you don't have a backup plan to get it back from the race).

As for insurance, I can't recommend Hagerty Insurance enough. We have insurance on our car and they offer race car insurance. Hella good company, they are the best.