Topic: Driver Available - Gingerman

Hey Lemon Heads,

I would love to be part of a team at either of the Gingerman races this year. Looking for a good fit for all of us. My racing experience is somewhat limited, but includes:

* Two previous Lemons races, both in the VW Quantum with Team Wonderment Consortium. Raced at Gingerman and Joliet with this team captained by the one and only Derek Steinkamp.

* Took the SCCA course and was certified, but haven't done any SCCA races

Looking for an arrive and drive spot. Unfortunately, I do not have any wrenching knowledge. My specialty is bringing good beer! My lap times are not the fastest (not the slowest either). Just don't have enough seat time to turn out the faster times of veteran racers. My goal is to have fun, be competitive..while taking care of your car and not messing up anybody else's race. I have not had any accidents or been black flagged in the races I was part of.

Got a spot or want to chat? Give me a shout.

Will Kaye