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Topic: Looking for team members in SoCal

Hey All!

Do you have too much money, too much free time, and a lizard brain? I have just the solution for you!

I'm looking for one or two team members to fill a couple spots on Full Ass Racing. We are a miata team located in Ventura County in Southern California. We are looking for team members, not arrive and drives. We do this for fun, not to win, but we've always placed top 1/3rd and have placed top 10. I don't think we ever will win, so we aren't the team for you if that's important. We are the team for you if you enjoy working on cars, drinking beers, and keeping the car out there at all costs. We aren't the fastest, or run 2 hour stints, but we do have some decent pit stops and will fix absolutely anything very fast and with a lot of yelling and unhelpful inappropriate jokes.

We're looking for someone with a good sense of humor that we'd wanna drink a beer with, whose willing to get their hands dirty during prep and during the race, and keeping it below 90% to keep our car out of the wall. If you're within driving distance of Ventura County, feel free to reach out and come by, checkout the car, and meet!


Full Ass Racing
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