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Topic: **Sold** 1990 Honda Civic EF - Misfortune Cookie - $3500.

Finally looking to part ways with my civic as its finally time to build something new.

1990 Honda Civic EF with GSR (B18C) engine swap. This is a full race car built for 24 hours of Lemons. It also eligible for Champ Car, AER...etc.

The car has competed in 13 Lemons races, including one win (Thompson 2018) and multiple 2nds and top 10's. Its routinely in the top 10 for fast time and is very competitive for the overall win.

Car comes complete with cage, fire system and belts. Dash and seat wont be sold with the car.  (we can negotiate the seat if needed)

Engine - B18C1
Transmission - Y21
Suspension - Skunk 2 Pro ST
ECU - Hondata w/ motec wideband
Fuel System - updated pump assembly to  modern bucket style w/ 16.5 gal tank. Eliminates fuel starvation which these cars are plagued by.

The car just finished the Gingerman Lemons race this past weekend and needs to be fully prepped before the next event. Oil Change, Brakes Pads, Rotors, Tires and at least 2 wheels. Then the typical brake fluid flush, alignment and typical once over inspection of all components. Price reflects this need.

Car comes with piles of spares including a B18B1 engine, sensors, distributors, ECU, bushings, bearings...etc etc.

The car has a rebuilt title and is currently road legal. Even drove it to NJ for the New Jersey Lemons race early June, ran the entire race and drove home.

Email me at soshea0219@gmail.com for more pictures, videos or info.




Re: **Sold** 1990 Honda Civic EF - Misfortune Cookie - $3500.

Pictures aren't working?  Pretty sure I know the Misfortune Cookie car, but want to be certain I'm thinking of the same one.

You drove it to NJMP??  That's awesome!

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Re: **Sold** 1990 Honda Civic EF - Misfortune Cookie - $3500.

This is indeed a quick car. I had the pleasure of a front seat view of watching it mow the lawn turn one at gingerman this past weekend (reviewing footage, might have it on dashcam).

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Re: **Sold** 1990 Honda Civic EF - Misfortune Cookie - $3500.

Hopefully these work

https://24hoursoflemons.smugmug.com/Rac … -zmgr3Q5/A

https://24hoursoflemons.smugmug.com/Rac … -MtTdxRL/A

Video from NJMP last year.


Re: **Sold** 1990 Honda Civic EF - Misfortune Cookie - $3500.

Email sent

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Re: **Sold** 1990 Honda Civic EF - Misfortune Cookie - $3500.