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We've got some drivers that are short (me) and skinny (not me). Our seat is bolted to the floor. What removable padding do you use so the short guys can reach the pedals comfortably and/or the skinny guys stay in the seat? We don't need to make up much, maybe an inch or two to the pedals.

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I am not sure if it is fire resistant, but it is SFI rated.  We have used this before: … XQQAvD_BwE

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I bought some door bar padding and cut it into the shape we needed. Example … B000F1NE7A

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We have a range of 5'8"-6'1" and we just put it in the middle and get used to it. Honestly it's not bad... you get used to it.

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There's always the Short Round solution

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We had good luck making "booster seats" for the shorter drivers in our Miata out of this flame-retardant foam from McMaster:


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