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Topic: HANS Device Angle?

So 2022 will be my 4th year doing Lemons. Having previously rented a HANS device, I've finally decided to pull the trigger on buying one.

When reviewing the standard HANS III device, I noticed there are different angles of incline (20, 30 degrees). 20 Degree seems to be the one recommended for "sports cars".

I am currently using a Momo Daytona seat.  Any idea what would be the appropriate option to buy?

Re: HANS Device Angle?

20* is the standard/most common but you are supposed to match your seat angle.

Considering the nature of Lemons, where your seat may be at a weird angle to accommodate multiple drivers, and you may be driving a handful of different cars/driving with other teams, I'd suggest something that isn't dependent on seat angle such as a necksgen.

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Re: HANS Device Angle?

+1 to any of the options that aren't HANS.