Topic: NCM Driver looking for a space

I will be at NCM. It will be race 74 total for me and #14 overall this season. I have run every race so far and I am trying to keep the string going. I have a seat or two or three with a multi-car team but the team also has an army of drivers. My other ride for NCM in a fast car fell through due a death in the family. Depending on how much the big team can use me. I may be able to help your team out if you find yourself short a driver or with an extra stint for some reason. As long as I can clear the time with my main team, I would be more than happy to take a seat with your team.

Also, if your team happens to only have two or three drivers and you haven't used the 3rd or 4th spot that comes with your entry, please hit me up. I am trying to have the same number of official race registrations as actual cars I drive in each race. As of now, I am supposed to drive multiple cars but I am only signed up for one.