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Racing road atl for the first time this year. Read over the race notes and whatnot…regarding the paddock space and those that have brought RV’s, the race note say each team is allotted a 20’x40’ space. How hard a rule is this? That’s a fairly small space compared to the other races we’ve done and are worried about having enough room. We’re gonna be in a bigger RV (class A) with our race trailer. As that stands we’d basically have have no room off the trailer for our race truck and tools/tents etc. I know I’m probably being stupid but trying to plan ahead and don’t wanna get screwed when we get there. Anyone with an RV reserve an RV spot? How’d that go? Thanks!!

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Spaces are not just marked off so it's not like a 20x40 foot hard rule. Don't take an unnecessarily large amount of space and you should be fine.

You might want to contact Road Atlanta about an RV space.


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Last year space in the main paddock was pretty tight. They walked off the spaces and held people to them. Larger RVs went down to the lower paddock adjacent to Turn 1 where the space was not as confined.

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Atlanta is always tight when they have us use the uphill paddock. There is more room on the other side, but we haven't been on that side in several years. As mentioned, there is room for big RVs down by turn 1, and if I recall correctly there are other "RV lots" at a couple of points in the infield.