Topic: How to post a car for sale?

Hi to the misguided Lemons racers. If you don't want to read the long story just answer "How do I post a car for sale."
Posting this help request was so easy I forgot how I did it. But I remember a button that said... "Start a new post" or something similar. The cars for sale forum doesn't have this button. I'd hate to deprive someone of buying this POS ops... I mean this fine Acura Integra.

What I have is an Acura Integra don't get excited it's a true LeMon. It sat in a field for years after it quit running. The reason it didn't get fixed is not only did it quit going down the road, the tires had the steal belts coming out, windshield cracked, the body while not bad it's banged up. interior was crap in other words it's a perfect car ready to start a new life of as a LeMon. So, I dug in... after buying this POS for the $350 I borrowed a trailer and brought it home. After hours of diag I deduced the distributer shorted and fried the PCM. I replaced them both ($450) to find the fuel pump locked up after that it started right up. So I stripped the interior, replaced the plugs, timing belt with the water pump and tensioner adjusted the valves and changed the oil and filter. But I wanted to do Buttonwillow and couldn't get a cage built and all the other stuff in time so I bought a LeMon advertised in the forum ready to go except it had a hole in the transmission. I've been in auto repair all my life so replacing the trans whilst it's a bit of a job, it's just wrenching. So, the Acura has to go! The interior has been striped most of the wiring has been removed the sound deadening has been removed, the fuel tank has been removed and cleaned. And I scrounged up a set of 15" wheels (Stock is 14") So after a couple of hundred hours, and $1000 in parts I'm selling the Acura for the low price of $500 coconuts.

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Never mind I figured it out, either I didn't see the button, or it just appeared like magic. If I may air a grievance, why do web designers put menu items all over a web page with different fonts and background colors. You think you're reading THE list of options only to find out there are more options are scattered about the page. Keep in mind I'm old and tend to think in a straight line. I would just like to ask a web designer why they don't put all options in a list in one place. Am I the only one?

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Guessing you weren't logged in when you were originally looking for the "Post" button.

No, you're not the only one. But what _I_ hate is the white text on extremely light yellow background - I can barely make out the characters. Some web designers are competent; others, not so much.

Forum rules for the 'cars for sale' sub-heading:
price & location in the subject

... but this post is in 'Newcomers', so I'm guessing that doesn't apply.

I do a lot of guessing.

Good luck with the sale.