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Like a lot of people, we managed to make a decent amount of races until life got in the, kids, global pandemics, etc.  So now we sit with a car that we love, that's caged and Lemons legal, but as much as we dream of the old days and scheme to get back there again, registration deadlines come and go. 

How best do we get back in the car without a full Lemons weekend?  Are we relegated to autocrosses?  Is it possible for the 3 or 4 of us to show up somewhere one day with our car and all of our gear and throw down some laps on a track or do we need to be involved with a series still?  None of us are currently members off SCCA or anything of the sorts and imagine that's a crucial next step.  The hope is to get back on track with the Lemons gang soon, but we also want to scratch the itch lightly until then. 

FWIW, NJMP is our home track.

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NJMP has tons of track days. You don't need SCCA licenses. Contact NJMP for details.

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Many tracks have test and tune days.  I know a couple of tracks in CA don't require any racing license for those.  Some High Performance Driving Events (HPDE) also allow racecars. Check the calendar of your favorite tracks and see who is running events.

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AER races at NJ all the time.

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