Topic: Seeking a seat at Road Atlanta

(cross-posting from the facebook group)

I started Lemons a couple years ago on a rookie team with a 2002 New Beetle. We were all planning to do Road Atlanta this year, but life happened to our captain and he backed out. I still have an Airbnb paid for, so I'm on the hunt for a team. I have 3 races experience under my belt and a good bit of sim time, pretty much all FWD. I'll be dragging family along to hang out, wife + kid and my parents are also making the drive to hang out and watch the race. Our shared vices are beer, liquor, and cigars and I'm happy to supply a large share of it. Mechanically I kinda suck, but I can usually figure shit out and wrench on things if given pointers. I don't need to win - I'm mostly looking for a good time and to put my butt in a seat!

Big challenge: I'm 6'6", so I strongly prefer cars that have an adjustable seat or have lots of head room (ideally both).