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Topic: Looking for a seat at The Ridge 2023

Hey everyone,

Complete novice here in Seattle looking to get into motorsports. As mentioned, I'm hoping for a seat to drive in for the Northworst GP in 2023. It might be a little early, but I'm looking to get a bit of a head start. My performance driving experience comes down to an egregious amount of simulator racing and (in the real world) a recent performance driving class. Technically, I can drive a manual. Only done it a handful of times IRL, but I wasn't bad at it. I'm also trying to do some club racing once the season starts up (in a Prius...), mainly time trials, hill climbs, etc., so hopefully I'll have some more experience once the time rolls around. Also more than willing to help with the building/fixing side of things. I've done basic mods/maintenance such as brakes, spark plugs, and coil overs, but I'm also willing to learn and I've got decent mechanical knowledge. I'm free early evening Saturdays, and all Sunday. Anyways, if you're a Seattle-ish area team looking for another set of hands, I'd love to join!