Topic: Road America A&D

West Coast Alfa guy looking for a ride at Road America. We've won both our class and an overall so I know what it takes to do well but can go to fun mode if no longer in contention for a win. I would prefer to be in an Alfa as those are the cars I know best, I bring 45+ years of experience of working on Alfas so there is not much I don't know about the older cars.
I won't be the fastest on the team but I'm pretty good at going through traffic without contact or putting 2 off. I love long stints, longest was 3.5 hours at night, what a blast.
I'm hoping to get this set up soon because if I can't get a ride I may have to drag our car out from the West Coast because I really want to run RA. It's a bucket list track for me.

Wes Conklin
Team California Mille
2007 Eyetalian Class Champions
20+ races and still going strong, Finally won one. Pacific Northworst Winner 2012.