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Topic: E30 Teams: Trouble Finding A Theme?

...Then might I suggest going with the German doo wop group from the 50's, The Roun-Dels!  Made up of BMW engineers: 
Ein Zweidri,
Uda Nomi,
Fahrt mit Gas,
and Unta Gleeben Glouten Globen,
They formed to pursue their hobby of singing while extolling the virtues of the cars they so loved, rising to fame with their smash debut "Damen und Herren, das Roun-Dels!"  featuring such hits as:
"Beach Blanket Bimmer"
and the haunting ballad, "Sabine".

They stayed at the top of the German pop charts for an unprecedented 46 weeks in 1958 until tragically, on the way to a sold out show at the Regensburg Civic Center their tour bus was cut off by a junior executive in a 502, causing it to roll over and burst into flames, killing all the band members and their manager, Reubens Siene Sie Gut.  The driver survived, but later died in the hospital where his last words were a pox on the 502 driver, "Ich hoffe, dass Arschloch in einem Feuer stirbt!", believed by many to be the first utterance of the "die in a fire" meme.

Sadly, they have become a forgotten relic to the sands of time...until now!  Honor their memory by dedicating your team to these musical giants, and don't be "Noch eins scheiß e30", be  Eine Herausragendscheiße e30!


Above:  Fahrt mit Gas, wearing the signature Roun-Dels stage outfit.

1978 AMC Pacer - The Blue Flag Special
BFE GP '12 - IOE
BFE GP '13 - Co-Organizer's Choice w/ Speed Holes Wrenching