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I already own a steering wheel with quick release.  They are definitely parts that wouldn't fit under the $500 cap but I think they would/should be considered safety items as they will aid in getting in and out of the car and will aid in driver comfort as the smaller diameter wheel will allow more leg room.

Can anyone tell me if this is something I should or shouldn't do.

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It's considered safety.

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Do It. At Reno-Fernley, I couldn't get out of our Fiero with my helmet on...I would have had to punch out our sunroof cap in an emergency...

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Re: Steering Wheel/Quick Release

Anything that helps you get a headstart on running like hell away from your horrible machine is considered safety.

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Cool, just didn't want to offend people with a MOMO steering wheel mounted on a nice quick release in this crap heap.  Even though it is a MOMO it was a budget ebay purchase since the previous owner had stripped out the bolt heads.  It even was a part of my old Grassroots Motorsports Challenge car.

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I bought a quick release for about $20 on eBay, $5.00 APC steering wheel from Advance Autoparts and an Grant adapter from O'Reilly's for about $25.

Total cost about $50 and way easier to get in and out.

You can also pick up Quick release set-ups and wheels from a lot of circle track shops for under $100.


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Our 6'4" team member would never have been able to get out of the car without our removable wheel.

Just make sure you get the wheels straight when you come in to pit!

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Our drivers range from about 5'7" to 6'6" so we are going to setup two different wheels and quick releases with different stack heights/spacers to accommodate varying reach.  Even with parts sourced from Ebay, we will still spend a couple hundred or more so I'm glad to hear that this is all considered safety.
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Re: Steering Wheel/Quick Release

Yup, like everyone said, we've run a quick release twice and it's considered safety. My 6'3" ass wouldn't be able to get in without it. Make sure you mark the wheel and hub with tape or something to line them back up when reinstalling the wheel.

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