Topic: past K-Kar teams, help me out

as part of the theme / bribe / commitment i'm planning for ECR, i could use the signatures of the drivers and team logos for the efforts that came before us.

If you could pass around a 8.5" square of white paper to the drivers in your effort for their signatures in standard Sharpie fine point, I would appreciate it. if you have a team logo, put that on the page as well. scan that square and send it to my email or upload it somewhere (or even better, snail mail it to me).

how to do it:

find a random piece of blank copy paper.

fold one corner down to meet the other side.

cut off  (or fold back) the left over 2.5" of paper to make a 8.5" square.

hand your drivers a sharpie fine point (not an extra fine point, cuz that won't transfer for beans)

ask them to sign the paper in a way that will impress future viewers, but not so large that King George can read it without his glasses (hey look, it's a political history joke....) keeping them from signing over each other would be a plus, i might have to relocate some sigs for this use.

neatly write the race/track your team raced at, and link or scan a copy of your logo that you can still cover up with a beer can (a normal beer can, not one of those damned Sapporo things)

put all that crap on a flatbed scanner and email the resulting image to

cuzwhat at gmail dot net

or snail mail it to me at

justin howe
p.o. box 721356
norman oklahoma 73070

thanks guys! if this turns out the way i think it might, it ought to be really damned cool.

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Re: past K-Kar teams, help me out

Justin - the CMP k-car racers, builders, and financiers (+judge phil & jay) signed the hood.  We didn't want to place any burdens on successive k-car owners, but we were hoping that every k-it forward participant would tag the car in one way or another.  Great idea on the digitizing.


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