Topic: K-car hotline, tags, etc.

If you crash the car into someone and need insurance info from me, or if you need any assistance with anything k-car-related (like, to ask who the f*%k welded seat brackets out of old washers), or if johnny law starts wondering whether the car is stolen, shoot me an email to and I'll get back to you momentarily.

Registration is in the glove compartment - try to keep it within the car.

MD mandates front tags so if you'll be driving through our nazi state, make sure to keep the front tag on.

Don't forget that the car is fully insured and tagged and can be driven on the street to your heart's content. Also don't forget that unless you don't have insurance, your insurance is the responsible party if you get drunk and drive the K-car into someone's Ferrari P4/5.


- Biff, can I, can I assume that your, uh, insurance is gonna pay for the damage?
- My insurance? It's your car. Your insurance should pay for it. I wanna know who's gonna pay for this? I spilled beer all over it when the car smashed into me. Who's gonna pay my cleaning bill?

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Re: K-car hotline, tags, etc.

I was sure someone was going to back a trailer into that P4/5 at Monticello.

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Re: K-car hotline, tags, etc.

Judge Phil wrote:

I was sure someone was going to back a trailer into that P4/5 at Monticello.

Every time I moved my truck I did a clearance check for any stray Ferraris. Children, not so much. Ferraris, yes. Nothing sucks as much as peeling Ferrari bits out of the grille of a Dodge Ram.

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Re: K-car hotline, tags, etc.

We've come up with an idea for the K car. We're going to start a thread "Where have you taken the K car?" We'll have people post pictures of the K car at various places around the country. Of course we don't have the car yet so we won't start until next week but we've got a few fun pictures in mind.

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