Topic: I'd like to contribute to the cause... a roundabout, tit-for-tat, let me buy some trim parts off of the K-car kind of way.

A friend of mine has an '84 Reliant wagon here in Milwaukee which is missing all of the moldings around the woodgrain areas on the sides of the car.  From what I can tell from photos, your trim is intact.

The weight and aerodynamic drag of that trim is SLOWING YOU DOWN, unjustly impacting lap times.  I WILL PAY YOU MONEY to help you GO FASTER.

Depending on the route and timeframe for the current leg to Washington from Michigan, I can possibly even meet you and help with the removal.  Near as I can tell, they just pop off.

What are they worth to you?

-Tim Hansen

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This space for rent.

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the molding is painted over, so i hope you aren't needing good clean showroom stock molding.

also, the driver's front fender molding (piece nearest the front left corner lamp) is in south haven Michigan, the rest of the moldings are currently in oklahoma city.

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It's been several hours since I first read this and there is a little question that's been gnawing at me...the kind of question that makes you sit bolt upright in the middle of the night with a cold sweat on your brow.

You have a friend with a 1984 Reliant Wagon that is missing trim?  Aren't they all?  It's nice enough that you notice that it's missing trim? 

I have a 1989 Delta 88 in my driveway and the only time I pay attention to the trim is when it's sticking out far enough to stab me in the leg as I walk by.

I'm intrigued by this '84 Reliant.

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Re: I'd like to contribute to the cause...

I suspect when we're at RA you can take what you need, doors glass etc.  Just replace big parts with his crappy ones.  And paint over your theft.


This space for rent.