Topic: Super K makes it to ROAD AMERICA - FIRST

So here we are.  K traveled from Boston to Doylestown, PA for some needed tweaking.  And just as in the past it traveled 1000 miles to Wisconsin without too many issues.  And arrived first!  HA~!

   This is the final race before the SeasonEnder and the last real chance for the Super K to Dominate.  Steve is holed up in a secret location making final preparations for the race.

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Re: Super K makes it to ROAD AMERICA - FIRST

Don't know if you can use them or not, but I should be at RA Friday at about 2:00 pm.  I'm bringing tires/wheels, calipers, master cylinder, and brake hoses.  I hope we can get the brake locking issue taken care of fairly easily/Inexpensively.  Let me know if you need anything.

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A front motor mount couldn't hurt.  The one it has is weak at best.

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Re: Super K makes it to ROAD AMERICA - FIRST

I think there is one in the k

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Thats not a front. Its one of the sides and they are all different.

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Re: Super K makes it to ROAD AMERICA - FIRST

Because of serious reliability issues NSF has a habit of making it to the track a day or two early.

Can you solid mount that transmission with a 3/16 steel strap and a couple holes drilled into it?

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Re: Super K makes it to ROAD AMERICA - FIRST


Re: Super K makes it to ROAD AMERICA - FIRST

For you peeps not on FB.

The Mighty K has arrived at Road America!!

901 miles. 15hrs 17mins.

Ran beautifully the whole way. Of course there are a few issues to address before the race, but things are looking up....

Where's everybody at?? — with Steph Swartz, Mary Elizabeth Harris, Daniel W. Sycks and 27 others.
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Sasha Rashev I'm catching the plane tomorrow evening. I've already missed too much work for this heap.
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Bob Mitchell This time for sure! I just know it. Put a block of wood under the gas pedal.
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Angie Mohle I would say i wish i could be there but it's got a low of 32 on Saturday and light rain Friday and Saturday. Screw that! I live in TX for a reason! Have fun, though. Iacocca Power!
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E Griffer Grithiff Tighten your nuts, brother! So awesome! Kick ass, sea bass!
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John Heflin It's dark?!
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E Griffer Grithiff Pete Hartkorn, your update, sir.
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Pete Peterson YEAY!

And now, let the troubleshooting begin!! (jk/knock-on-wood/etc)
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Ron Vickers This warms my cold, dark heart.
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Steven R Mcdaniel That was at 6:30am.
Ive been sleeping in the back of the car at the walmart and searching for free Wi-Fi. ....

There is no digital phone service in this town.... welcome to the boonies!
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Scott McMichael Chicago.
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Anton Lovett That's (snif) beautiful. See you Friday!
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Jeff Bloch That's amazing! Steven, you're THE MAN!!!!
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Christopher Champion C'mon, K, run right this time! Best of luck, Steven!
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Daniel W. Sycks Special K!
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Steven R Mcdaniel Anyone know where the penalty box was set up at RA last year?
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Bob Mitchell There is a pavilion and concession stand that has about 4-6 picnic tables just past the tower.
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Ben Greisler Good luck and make the K shine!
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Bob Mitchell Do you need a room tonight? There is a BB called the Jay Lee Inn near you. It's just $75 and your NSFer friends can make that happen if you are ok not sleeping at WalMart. three two 1 302 80onethree.
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Bob Mitchell Steven R Mcdaniel /\

The Jay Lee Inn | Elkhart Lake, WI
The Jay Lee Inn in Elkhart Lake, WI is perfect for romantic Wisconsin getaways. Read about the Inn here!
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Bob Mitchell Because the K car needs to be pampered!
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Steven R Mcdaniel That would be sweet. Its supposed to pour rain til midnight. ... IF they let me in the track....
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Bob Mitchell You're booked for two nights! Take lots of pictures.!!
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Doug Kirchberg Did we I any NSF Racing stickers in the car? You know what to do.
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Jeff Bloch Well done, Bob. Steven has suffered enough...
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Bob Mitchell Hes just beginning to suffer. I told the lady not to turn on his hot water, because he has a skin condition.
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Ben Greisler And short sheet his bed!
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Steven R Mcdaniel I love you man......
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Chris Overzet Send him an Asian massage with an almost Happy Ending ! That way he will never be satisfied ,like the K when It Gets to Track
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Steven R Mcdaniel K Safe at home in paddock spot #20, on the front straight, right across from penalty. The domination has begun. ....
Steven R Mcdaniel's photo.
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Anton Lovett #winning
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Bob Mitchell Use the trophy as a K marker and a few of your spare engine parts.
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Ben Greisler Yes, he needs an almost happy ending:

SEXY , HOT ! Happy Ending Massage by a Beautiful Japanese Woman Must SEE!
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Jason Hiester I might be crazy, but I wish I was there.
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Angie Mohle Steven Mcdaniel, you're a bad ass! (re: car-bed & free wifi - hint: Mickey D's)
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Ben Greisler Jason, the word is short memory stupid.
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Kim Harmon Steven R Mcdaniel is my hero. If I had known you were doing that drive alone, I would have flown in to ride shotgun. That would have been a highlight to be picked up at an airport in that!
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Steven R Mcdaniel I would have gladly picked you up Kim, even though I left the passenger seat in the trash pile at NHMS.... But I didn't think you were coming.
You'll be happy to know that the penalty signs are safe and sound. ...
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Steven R Mcdaniel The K's (and my) humble abode for the evening. ...
Very nice!
Thanks Bob....
Steven R Mcdaniel's photo.
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Daniel W. Sycks That car devalues property like a crack house across the street wherever you park.
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Bob Mitchell I wonder how many early checkouts there will be tomorrow.
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Chris Overzet I wonder how long til The K gets Towed for looking abandoned ?
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Steven R Mcdaniel Morning update:

Found that the TPS was only putting out 2 volts instead of 5. Replaced it....See More
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E Griffer Grithiff On pins and needles.
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Daniel W. Sycks DOMINATE!!!!
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Bob Mitchell GoManGo!
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Steven R Mcdaniel Evening update:

Prepare for fu@&!ng DOMINATION!!!...See More
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Steven R Mcdaniel Oh. And we passed tech the 1st time through...
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Ben Greisler DOMINATION!!!!
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Ben Greisler Did you dare
Jay to find anything wrong?
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Bob Mitchell I say grab that IOE and speed away with those borrowed magic tires.
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Ben Greisler Did you prepare your TPS report?
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Justin Howe After this many races, what's left to fail tech?
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Bob Mitchell But in all seriousness, are your tires good enough to make it to CA? Will we need to replace them again at Sonoma?
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Steven R Mcdaniel There's enough tires to get it there. Nothing much to race on though....
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Re: Super K makes it to ROAD AMERICA - FIRST

FB sucks

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Re: Super K makes it to ROAD AMERICA - FIRST

P9 after an hour!  DOMINATION

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Re: Super K makes it to ROAD AMERICA - FIRST


She's just been holding out on us until she could patriotically DOMINATE Road America!